The translation of this document in English is provided for educational purposes only. In case of inconsistency, the French version of this document (available here) is the only version for your relationship with the SPRL Akretio in legal terms.


These general conditions of sale apply to all orders placed by customers with the SPRL Akretio and all its contracts, including any ancillary services.

These terms and conditions exclude, in the absence of written acceptance of the SPRL Akretio, all general and special conditions of the customer. No exceptions to these general conditions will be accepted without written confirmation of the SPRL Akretio.

All orders placed and / or registration accepted mean acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.


The Akretio SPRL reserves the right to refuse registration when particular:

- A client offers content contrary to law or morality,

- A client attempts to re-enroll when they had already been a decision to exclude and / or banishment from the site,

- A customer who was unwilling to use the site for which it is intended (for example, the accounts were opened in a spam / advertising),
In case of registration, SPRL Akretio send the Customer a confirmation email to open an account, making it available to it the codes to access the private area to its Web site.

The date of dispatch codes site hosting the Client determines the date on which the billing takes effect.


Both SPRL Akretio that the customer is required to comply with the provisions of the law of 08.12.1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data.

The data collected from the customer, such as identity, email address, etc.., Is for restraint, control and abuse of statistics.


The Client expressly acknowledges that the SPRL Akretio does nothing to the design, development, implementation and the establishment of the Customer's website and its tools for management and administration.

The client is therefore responsible for the content of his texts, images, hyperlinks, which must in any event comply with all laws, morals and the basic rules of politeness.

As part of sales on e-Commerce, SPRL Akretio is also not responsible for payment made available or the smooth running of orders. The customer is required to verify the authenticity of orders and customers before making it.

The SPRL Akretio can not be held responsible for any malfunction of the site and encourage you to check with each calculated that the total corresponds to reality.


5.1. Unlawful or prohibited use

Any use of the Website contrary to all laws and / or contract (including the legislation on the exploitation of protected works on image rights or privacy, legislation against racism and xenophobia , etc..) even in the absence of prejudice on the part of the SPRL Akretio and / or its clients is strictly prohibited.

Otherwise, the Akretio SPRL shall be entitled at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the access to this site, with or without notice.

The site carries all the appropriate steps to ensure compliance messages to the regulation of content and respect the rights of others. However, if despite all the means employed are experiencing an issue, it is your responsibility to prevent an administrator by email.

5.2. Accounts "dormant" / inactive:

The Akretio SPRL reserves the right to remove any account considered dormant / inactive: a dormant / inactive account is BASIC which received no visit from the administrator or any buyer for a period of at least 6 months.

5.3. Maintenance:

The Akretio SPRL reserves the right to suspend access to the Site due to technical maintenance. In this case, the SPRL Akretio committed to putting every effort to restore access to the Site.


The service which the customer subscribes is proposed as a courtesy and in no way responsible for Akretio SPRL. By registering, the Customer agrees fully and completely the terms of use. The remarks made at the customer site, products and posted the content in general on this site are solely the responsibility of the Client and may not represent the views of the SPRL Akretio.

The Akretio SPRL does not control the legality of sales of the Client or its legal status. The Customer is obliged to respect the laws and the SPRL Akretio presumes that Customer has all necessary approvals to sell the products in its catalog.

Upon discovery of any illegal use, the SPRL Akretio shall be entitled at its sole discretion, to terminate access to this site, with or without notice.

In case of malfunction on the Client's obligation to notify officials to try to correct the malfunction. After being made aware, the SPRL Akretio will do everything possible to correct the malfunction but can not be held responsible for any damage caused by the malfunction.

The SPRL Akretio undertakes to provide all care and diligence necessary for the provision of quality service in accordance with the practice and the state of the art. It does as an obligation of means.

The SPRL Akretio not be held liable to the Client for the introduction of a virus on Customer Service. Accordingly, the SPRL Akretio recommends the Client to implement a safeguard measure by itself.

7. Refund

KelCommerce is a product that generates virtual administrative, technical, subscriptions, etc.. Therefore, no refund can be claimed at the SPRL Akretio.


This agreement is governed by Belgian law.

Any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation or performance of this Agreement, shall be settled by the courts of the judicial district of Nivelles (Belgium).